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Standard Paint Codes, 356/ 911/ 912/ 912E
Steve Torkelsen's (PCA-CTV) 1965 Champagne Yellow 912Porsche offered a palette of standard paint colors for all models, plus numerous special order colors.  A 1965 912 for example was available in the same colors as a 1965 356SC or 1965 911.  Below is a table of standard paint numbers, color codes, and paint names, listed chronologically by model years.  To view a list of rare special order colors, click here >>

The original paint color and vehicle identification number for a specific car was stamped on a chassis plate, then riveted to the left-hand door hinge post below the chassis number.  For 1976 912Es, the paint number should be on the middle of the plate, in a three digit (color code) - one digit (coachbuilder) - one digit (paint manufacturer) format.  In lieu of that plate, owners can request a Porsche Cars North America Certificate of Authenticity that includes the original paint code and much more information.

For 1967-1969 and 1976 model year 912s, additional prefix and suffix designations may be attached to the paint colors.  For example, a prefix number 97- signifies that the original paint was 140 degree C / 284 degree F 'baking paint', oven cured with all heat sensitive parts removed.  Original paint manufacturers are designated by suffix letters: L=Lechler G=Glasurit  (See also Glasurit Classic Car Colors and BASF-Glasurit) H=Herbol)
Paint No. Color Code Name(s): English, German, alternate names, notes
1964/1965 Standard Colors
6401  615 Slate gray, Schiefergrau
6402 015 Ruby Red, Rubinrot
6403 314  Enamel Blue, Emailblau
6404  131 Light Ivory, Hellelfenbein
6405 111 Champagne Yellow, Champangergelb
6406 213 Irish Green, Irischgrün
6407  016 Signal Red, Signalrot
1966/1967 Standard Colors
6601 615 Slate Gray, Schiefergrau
6602  012 Polo Red, Polorot
6603 315 Gulf Blue, Golfblau
6604 131 Light Ivory, Hellelfenbein
6605 110 Bahama Yellow, Bahamagelb
6606 213 Irish Green, Irischgrün
6607 510 Sand Beige
6608 310 Aga Blue, Agablau
6609 700 Black, Schwarz
1968/1969 Standard Colors
6801 615 Slate Gray, Schiefergrau, Gris Ardoise
6802 012 Polo Red, Polorot, Rouge Polo
6803 (R5009) 319 Ossi Blue, Ossiblau, Bleu Ossi
6804  131 Light Ivory, Hellelfenbein, Ivoire Clair
6805 110 Bahama Yellow, Bahamagelb, Jaune Bahama
6806 (6216Z) M3 213 Irish Green, Irischgrün, Vert Irlande
6807 510 Sand Beige, Beige Sable
6808  017 Burgundy Red, Burgundrot, Rouge Bourgogne
6809 (P2002) 018 Tangerine, Blutorange, Blood Orange, Orange Sanguine
1976 Standard Colors
027-9-2 G8G8 India Red, Guards Red
107-9-1 B2B2 Continental Orange
117-9-1 B6B6 (062) Light Yellow, Hellgelb
265-9-3 Y4Y4 Oak Green Metallic, Oakgruen Met
266-9-3 Y8Y8 Ice Green Metallic, Silver Green Diamond Metallic, Silbergruen Diamant Met
304-9-3 W9W9 Caribe Blue Metallic, Mindera Blue Metallic, Minervablau Met
305-9-1, -2 J3J3 Arrow Blue, Royal Blue
408-9-1 T3T3 Chocolate Brown, Cockney Brown 406, Bitter Chocolate
436-9-3 Z5Z5 Burgundy Metallic, Diamond Sahara Metallic, Sienna Metallic
700-9-1, -2 A1A1 Black, Schwarz
908-9-2 R4R4 Grand Prix White, Grandprixweiss
936-9-3 Z2Z2 (S7) Silver Metallic, Silver Frost, Silber Met
944-9-3 W1W1 Platinum Diamond Metallic, Platindiamant Met
  P5P5 Shamrock Green
  Y9Y9 Emerald Green Metallic, Vipergruen Diamant Met
Glasurit Paint ChipsIf you have a passion for Porsche painting and have additions / corrections to this table, please let us know using any of the contact options on this page.  Links to chip sample images are scanned and should not be deemed exact.  For Porsches with non-original paint color, traces of the original paint may remain in the trunk, engine compartment, under the upholstery, dashboard, the frame crossmember behind the rear license plate sheetmetal, and other locations.  Original color charts are sometimes available at literature and swap meets.  TCP Global provides an Auto Color Library; select "your car's make & year" to view color chips / formulas.  From Germany,

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